Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Small Bob Idea with Side Shaving

Bob is a not a kind of new or unique hairstyle at all but you can make it different by adding some points in the cutting. What are points and what can they do to a hairstyle? Points are actually known as changes done within a haircut- if you have one layer cut longer, a point is added when the hair next to it is added by making a small layer, and so on. The more variety your hairstyle has, the more points it will get naturally. This is something that your hairstylist decide before they start with the cutting- for instance a bob with one side long and one side short is considered asymmetrical due to an imbalance finish to the cut, in the same way when the edges are cropped equally you get a kind of blunt touch to it.
Today I have chosen a bob hairstyle in which some textures have been added alongside some shaving. Well a lot of you might not feel comfortable with the shaving, it can add some twist in your appearance easily by giving you a bolder and much nicer look than before.

Note that there are two toned added on the hair on which cutting has been done. Some blonde streaks on bangs have been teamed up with the dark shade of the base (base hair close to the scalp).

Five Men's Hairstyles that Have Inspired me

As a man you should try to wear a haircut that can express your personality in the most impressive way because you have just few limited ways to showcase your fashion sense so make sure you are using your options in the right way.
Having a new haircut can make a great impact on your personality as well as in your makeover, therefore it is necessary that you go through some of the best options which are available.  A lot of men would usually check for these three important aspects before getting a haircut done:
Facial structure: Your facial structure and features would determine whether or not a particular cut be good or not, if you have a long face with small eyes you should avoid wearing a small hairstyle because it will just suppress your personality in one way or other, if you have a broad face you should avoid getting a small butch cut as your cheeks would become more prominent, they will possibly make you to appear fatter than before.
Profession or field:  It is important that your new haircut adheres to the rules and regulations of a certain sector you are working for. For instance, those working in the military should wear short, cropped type haircut and so on. Those working in a professional tech sectors should wear regular cuts because anything except regular may break their good impression on customers as well as on employers.
 Weight: Many of you will disagree with me on this but it's true that your weight can definitely impact your style and clothing. If you have a chubby face you needn't to wear a fade, you will end up looking awkward and distasteful, instead you should go for a simple hair style only that can look better on your face.
Well I have collected some nice men's hairstyles that have inspired me in many ways, you can check these and decide whether or not you want a hair cut done.
 Men's regular haircut
It's a kind of haircut that you don't see every day because only few fashionable guys are wearing it these days. Especially ones having a good taste and passion for emo would support it.

Men's pixie cut with some streaks
I love this color in particular on his hair because it is very blended and natural. The use of blonde gold highlights have made him edgy in appearance. He has polished up further by brushing his hairstyle up in different sections.

Men's short haircut
Another regular type of haircut for anyone wanting to have a quick transformation in their appearance.

Sporty haircut for men 2016
 You can see some points in this hairstyle, some bangs are faced down on face teamed up with side shaving and spikes.
Kinky haircut for black men
 No doubt that black men have more hair styling options than whites because they are born with versatile hair textures and types. Below is one kinky haircut idea for black men that you will adore because it is different for having a round fade and textured chopping over forehead area.